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Melissa Earley is an ordained United Methodist Pastor.  She is currently serving as Pastor in Residence at St. George Episcopal Church in Leadville, Colorado.  Prior to coming to Leadville she served churches in Arlington Heights, IL, Northbrook, IL, Waukegan, IL and Geneva, IL. Melissa lives with her dog Tango. In addition to being an avid reader, she is hiker, a quilter, kayaker, and aspiring cook.


  1. Jenny W.

    This is really wonderful. I look forward to more!

    • admin

      Thanks, Jenny.

  2. Liz

    Great photo, Melissa there is so much joy there!

  3. Joyce Bieritz

    I enjoyed reading your perspectives on life, and as always, have to giggle at your honest sense of humor. Welcome to FUMCA!

    • admin

      Thanks, Joyce. I appreciate you reading.

  4. Sarah Frances Welch Madsen

    Reading you in the Disciplines Daily Devotions. Thanks for your insight. I look forward to completing the questions for the week. If I was in your town and state I would come to visit, but instead I am in sunny Florida going to a different UMC. Saying a little prayer for you and your ministry.

    • admin

      thanks so much for your kind words and prayers for my ministry. It is much appreciated. Prayers for you and your church in Florida.

  5. Candy Gross

    Just completed the week with your devotional writings in Upper Room and was encouraged by your progressive message. Thanks so much.

    • admin

      Thanks so much for reading the Upper Room devotions and for reading my blog. Prayers for you.

  6. David Ward

    Unrelated to the blog, but I wanted to thank you for last week’s devos in The Upper Room Disciplines. On several days they spoke directly to me. So thank you.


    • admin

      So glad the devotions spoke to you this week. It’s such a gift for both reader and writer when that happens.

  7. Norma Lee Kerns Barnhart


    This Godot piece is great! You are right on, I think. Let’s be kind!!!!

    I also enjoyed your writing in the Disciplines. Your writing is wonderfully refreshing! Norma Lee

    • admin

      Thanks, Norma Lee. Glad you enjoyed my writing for Disciplines. It’s been gratifying to hear from folks who read them. I wrote them almost 18 months ago! I forgot they came out last week.

  8. Mike Mraz

    Since Church AT the church with a limit of 50 people in the church starting July 19th, will the service also be available via the website? I was hoping my dad could see the service this Sunday given his milestone birthday.

    • admin

      I’m so sorry that I’m just seeing this. I wish you had emailed me instead of posting on my blog. The service is streamed every Sunday. The link is on the church website The link has been under our worship tab but I asked our media person to put it on the homepage of our website.

  9. Ed R oob

    Melissa, just looked up Brownshirts on Google.
    It appears that they were organized in 1922.
    Hitler did not become Chancellor until 1933. I am assuming that the Brownshirts were Hitlers thugs which helped him gain power. Krystellnacht happened in 1938, so you are correct that Krystellnacht was either sponsored or at least approved by the German government. Good talking to you. Take care and be well.

  10. James H Purdy

    Good morning, Melissa! After reading “The Remarkable Work,” good for you! finding/”discerning” your Way, climbing over the hurdles and through the brambles, and reaching a summit… M fond hopes, best wishes, fervent prayers are with, and for, you, your cohorts, and your many ministries of significance and importance. Jim

    • admin

      Thank you so much, James.

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